Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pirates and Eye Wear.

I had issues with my eyes as a child. (Still do.) I had to wear an eye patch. And thick pink framed plastic glasses. One lens was normal thickness... the other... notsomuch. It made one eye look humongous. But because it's genetic - I've watched for it with my pirates. Robs and Squish don't have any symptoms, but it seems Erikboy might have two or three.

Yesterday I made an appointment for him to see an eye doctor in a couple weeks. At first he was nervous, but then I had him try on glasses "just to see what it would look like." (He looks adorable.) Squish saw the eye wear and commandeered them for the rest of the day. They were much too big for her petite face, so she'd walk around with her head slightly upturned, balancing them on her nose. It was hilarious.


  1. I had to wear an eye patch as a kid, too! :) I had glasses - with bifocals - when I was four. Strangely my eyes have gotten better over the years and I no longer need glasses! Wesley has a shutterfly book too and it is his favorite! We love shutterfly. And as always, I love your pictures.

    1. Ha! I love it! ...Obviously eye patches lead to high class and sure success.