Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I woke up at five something this morning. And then again at six something. So at seven something when Steve got up, I asked if he'd take over the drinks-of-water and the rubbing-achy-arms.  Robs is our last one to be sick, and I'm hoping and praying it stops with her... 

Last night our neighborhood had a several-block party. We watched the fireworks from the front window of our wonderfully warm house. (The outside temperature was twelve I believe...)

And when I woke up (for the fourth and final time) at nine o' clock: I had goals on my mind. 
I walked downstairs. The pirates were scampering about. 
"Steve" I said, (like a crazy woman who had been up all night) "It's New Year's Day! We need to set goals."
And because he's a gem, he got a pen and paper... and the pirates started listing off ideas. (I don't know what I was thinking... we had yet to have breakfast.) But the pirates had fun writing things down. Robs wanted to write a song. Erikboy wanted to learn to read. Squish, (it seemed), would want to learn how to talk, so we wrote it down for her. 

I love the start of a Happy New Year.


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