Monday, December 31, 2012

From the archives:

Our last house in Louisiana had linoleum floors. And a rough brick countertop in the kitchen. And lots of poison ivy. It was also right across the street from the school and had two sprawling live oak trees that were straight out of my dreams.

As it turned out the linoleum floors were very easy to clean. And one day at Lowe's I found a remnant countertop solution that fit the brick covered atrocity just perfect. And the sprawling live oaks with the school across the street turned into memories that none of us will ever forget.

So when I found this picture a couple days ago, I laughed. I saw the linoleum floors. I noticed the dresser (...Purchased secondhand almost a decade ago.) and the tea party settled nicely on a rug-covered-printer-box. Not exactly a Pinterest-type photo...

But really all I saw was my Squish- with her little legs tucked under... and that grin! And my darling little Robs? Oh my heavens. I melted. They're absolutely adorable. (They grow entirely too fast.But they're mine all mine!

(Luckiest. Girl. In the world.)

I'm absolutely convinced our surroundings don't make life grand...
and I'm absolutely convinced our families do.


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