Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For some reason I thought today was Tuesday. Perhaps it's because my genuine Tuesday came and went in a blur. After school I asked Robs how her day was (thinking it was Tuesday) and she reminded me it was actually Wednesday. (I double checked with the calendar just in case.) On Wednesday I try to slow things down in preparation for our extremely fast Thursdays. We crafted in the afternoon... which made dinner a little late which made the evening stream past. So it didn't actually slow anything down. But it was fun.

First we tore the paper off of crayons and sharpened them into oblivion. We saved the shavings and sprinkled them in between two layers of wax paper. I sandwiched the wax papers in between two regular white papers and pressed them with a hot iron. The pirates were impressed with the results. (At this age science and magic are still practically interchangeable.) Afterwards I handed the pirates blunt tipped scissors and had them cut as many heart shapes as they could. We strung them on invisible string with invisible tape and hung them in front of the window. 

And when the light shines through... they're a lovely pop of color on our never-ending white landscape. (We might just keep them until Spring.)


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