Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Like a Glove.

Several weeks ago I googled something like "how to hide your TV." (Apparently, googling something like that means you have "tv shame." Who knew there was such a thing?Apparently very creative people have come up with very creative ways: TV's coming up out of dressers, TV's coming down from the ceiling, TV's hidden behind an insignificant canvas, TV's revolving from behind bookcases, TV's hiding behind hidden doors... I was impressed. But none of that was going to work. So I scoured the local armoire classifieds for weeks. And weeks. And weeks. 

And then I found one last night! We called Steve's parents and asked if we could borrow their truck. They said yes. On our drive there Erikboy repeated the word "armoire" about fifteen times. We found the armoire (it was perfect), loaded it into the truck (tight squeeze), realized the truck battery needed a jump (it had died for some technical reason), and then (accidentally) took the scenic route home. In the dark. It wasn't the smoothest little furniture trip we'd taken.... but we sang Christmas songs the whole way home (Robs' suggestion) and laughed ourselves silly (Robs' suggestion, as well).  And when the armoire fit the room like a glove, I figured the evening was as close to perfect as I dared go.

I love it when that happens.


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