Thursday, December 6, 2012

Famous Whales.

Yesterday morning Robs forgot her library book. I dropped it off at her class- but apparently I arrived only minutes after they'd returned from library time. Which is why Robs got upset because she had to keep her book on whales in her desk all the way until next week. I suggested she bring it home, as I could always do with more knowledge on whales. She thought about this... and then I heard her telling Erikboy something important.

"Did you know they killed the most famous humpback whale?" Erikboy was shocked, and Robs sounded pleased- she loves an attentive audience. She continued. "They shot him during the Civil War, when his back came out of the water." I couldn't hear any reaction, but Robs kept going. "...And then he couldn't swim so he sank down, down, down to the bottom of the sea- and landed right next to the Titanic!"

I don't know where she gets her facts, but I love this girl. And her stories. 
(I need to read that book.)


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