Monday, November 19, 2012

Robs' First Recital:

Robs had her first recital on Friday night. I admit I was a teensy bit nervous. I knew she was ready, but it was something she'd never done before. As she was practicing Friday afternoon her fingers kept tripping over keys, and at one point she was very frustrated. Very might even be an understatement. She can get a little feisty. (It's genetic.) So I let her be feisty all by herself- just she and those fingers- and by the fourth time through she had everything figured out.

By 6:30 P.M. all her feisty-ness had disappeared and she was really excited to play. She was third on the program and played her piece with no mistakes. I was so proud of her! I'm so grateful to have found a piano teacher who lets her take on a challenge- the piece was well beyond the piano book she's currently in, but we knew it was something Robs could handle.  And she did!  With grace and not even a touch of nervousness. I'm so proud of her! 


  1. I well remember Lauren's first recital...and how nervous I was. Like Robs, Lauren played like there was nary a nerve in her body. I wonder, is nervousness an acquired taste? I love your pictures, your writing, your insight. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I came out wondering the same thing! ...I'm beginning to think it is.

      All those wonderful compliments right back at you!