Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hill on Wheels

It started out with one or two kids tearing down the hill.

But Robs and Erikboy were there in two minutes flat... And a couple minutes later, the twins who live at the top of the hill were there too.  Along with their two friends. And then the two girls who live on the opposite side of the street at the top of the hill strolled through. And within a couple minutes it looked like summertime- with light jackets. 

Because it was over fifty-five degrees, and school is out for the week. But I held my breath every time I walked past the window... until a friend of mine pointed out that at their age, we would have been taking that hill like bosses as well. Which is the truth. Because that same friend had a really great driveway that held a central part in most of my childhood summers. Along with wagons, roller blades, bikes... anything with wheels, really. And to be honest, the hill is really fun.


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