Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heaven Sent.

On Sunday a couple storms blew through our living space. (Three to be exact.) I went to bed early, with an entire house that needed cleaning. (It was quite the sight.) Monday morning I had to fix everything- sans storms, so I called my mother and she gladly took them in. Erikboy was relieved as cleaning is so very far down on his list of priorities. 

For several hours... I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. Fresh kitchen. Fresh bathrooms. Fresh bedsheets. Fresh carpets. Fresh floors. Fresh everything. It was so wonderful- and to have all of that done before going to pick up Robs? Positively delightful. After Robs got home we had a snack outside- because it was sixty eight degrees! ...Positively delightful. And then we played soccer, rode bikes, raked leaves and jumped in. Also positively delightful. 

The entire day, as it turned out, was positively delightful. 
Thank HEAVENS for mothers.

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  1. what IS it about Sundays?? We have the same problem. And it seems illogical. There are MORE people home to clean up after themselves...so why?