Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins a couple nights ago. I overheard Robs telling Erikboy about a time we carved pumpkins "when he was a little boy." She described the last Halloween we had in Michigan... when she was two and a half! What an amazing memory! I've never told her that story! ...but it was the last time we carved pumpkins- which is shameful. But in Louisiana .. I didn't want to take care of the bugs they'd inevitably attract- and last year we were moving to Utah. 

Which means we've now lived in Utah for exactly one year- and I can't decide if it feels like that or not. Louisiana seems so far in our ancient past, but some days I miss our friends from there as much as if I'd just barely left.  Louisiana was a wilderness for me, but like any trial in life- you look back on it and happily remember the important lessons it helped you learn. Crazy, right? There are parts of Louisiana that I miss: the cozyness of our life being our own little family. The camaraderie you felt with friends who were facing similar challenges or had already faced them down and now could help you laugh. And the winters... of course. I really miss those winters.

It's been a year of reflection. Almost every day Steve and I still wonder how we landed here- nestled among the mountains and more family than either of us have ever had. Living here has helped us clarify the things we really value, and those things we can really live without. It's been a good year for our family... and a chance to face different challenges- not just roaches and poison ivy. 

Thanks for the year, Utah!'s to another great one! 

(...and Happy Halloween!)


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