Thursday, October 18, 2012

Captain Twice the Awesome.

Yesterday after school we discovered Parker knew karate. (He was wearing half the uniform.) Robs, the inquisitive child, asked if he'd teach her. So they took to our deck and went through some moves. A couple minutes later Parker said she'd earned her first belt, and now it was time to do drop kicks. Drop kicks, he suggested, are best completed in the grass. But by the time they hit the grass, Robs had convinced him the trampoline would be even better. Before they could reach the trampoline however, something spurred Parker's memory and the two of them ran two houses down. Robs came back adequately protected, and Parker came back adequately coifed.

But the new hair-do started something great, and the drop kick lesson changed to a parade. Squish and I, who were inside at the time, saw a zombie, a muscly police captain, Spiderman (revealed as none other than Peter Parker), a ninja, an angry-bird, and a vampire.  

Squish liked all the costumes except for the zombie and Spiderman. (She had no problems with Peter Parker.) I laughed the whole way through. After a whole afternoon of happy pirates, and genuine fun I was so grateful for good friends. Childhood is awesome. But being able to witness childhood? Twice the awesome.


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