Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A quick poll...

Last night we watched the debates. It was tense... and for the hour and a half I was rather enthralled with the drama happening LIVE on the computer screen. Towards the end I had to buy myself time with the pirates. As we were flipping through pictures I landed on one... and Erikboy who had been complaining loudly, started laughing- mid complaint. It was a picture of Squish: which doesn't surprise me. The chickie has excellent comedic timing- and at least three pictures (off the top of my head) that make her pirate siblings melt in a puddle of giggles. After the debate ended we conducted a quick, biased, one question poll that revealed a predictable statistic: one hundred percent of those surveyed find our Squish hilarious.


  1. I would've much rather hung out with Mae than watched that debate. And I'm thinking about voting for Mae, too :)

    1. ooh... I'll tell her. She'll be so flattered. But I'm thinking she might need to take a few ECON classes before I let her really take part in the whole campaign process. :) We couldn't risk having someone who doesn't know what they're doing... again. :)