Friday, September 28, 2012

Robs in September.

How is September almost over? How is time so quick? I keep track of every almost every single day... and still they manage to fly past. For example, here's our past seven Septembers:
I'm still wondering where they went...

September 2006: I'd bundled her in pink and we padded around around the house.
Just the two of us...

September 2007: Robs and I were on a walk and stopped to play in a spot o' sunshine.

September 2008: Erik was still brand new to her... this wasn't the only funny face she gave.

September 2009: We were going through some crazy change and headed for Louisiana.

September 2010: Fall in Louisiana is beautiful- it means a welcome reprieve from summer heat... and football.  We'd spent the afternoon at a Louisiana Tech game.

September 2011: Robs would get home from school- and take
to the swing under our two live oak trees. This girl has always loved swinging. 

September 2012: See what I mean by fast? She was a baby two seconds ago...


  1. There's something about that first born child. It's like they have the uncanny ability to bend time or conjure up a space vortex. It's just not normal. How fun to have it all documented this way :)

  2. I know. She's almost 13 I tell ya!