Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yesterday morning hovered around us. It was the last day of summer- and we all knew it. Robs woke up early, Erikboy woke up slightly grumpy, and Squish hopped off her bed to knock on her door until we answered. We made beds and ate breakfast. Robs ate toast, Erikboy ate raisin bran, and Squish ate apples, cheese, bananas and peanut butter. (With several cups of water.) When the pirates decided to color, everyone was still in their pajamas... which was fine, because it was summertime. An hour later we went to the store (it was a complete zoo) for a lunch box (with butterflies) and then grabbed something to eat and drove to my mom's- because it was summertime. The pirates played while I talked to the orthodontist about crazy things like gums and roots. (Everything is fine, praise be.) I came home to find a message from a school I thought wasn't an option- but turned out to be. So Steve, Robs, and I hurried to meet her new first grade teacher and see her new first grade class. (I'm counting my blessings... this teacher seems to have come straight from the good heavens above. Robs is so excited!) We shared the good news with my mom, went shopping for lunch items and juice boxes, ate salad for dinner, jumped on the trampoline and picked almost all the peaches from our peach tree... because it was summertime. 

Yesterday our new first grade teacher asked me if I was nervous... but I don't think I am. I'm definitely going to miss Robs during the day... I love that little pirate- but I think I'm mostly excited. FIRST GRADE! Yesterday was our grand finale- today is a grand beginning. 

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  1. My comment has nothing to do with your post, (which was so sweet to read, congrats on the great new teacher and on making every last minute of summer count) .... your kitchen looks AMAZING! :)