Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We spent half of yesterday walking around Salt Lake City with my sister-in-law, her three pirates, myself, my three pirates, and my darling mama. For the other half, we borrowed two of her pirates and played and played and played... Until dinner at 5:30. But dinner took all of ten minutes and then the pirates zipped right back to more important things... like dress-up, for example. My sister-in-law and her pirates have one last real day here, and thinking about them leaving makes us miss them already.

Some day I'd like to live in a neighborhood filled with all the people I love. And since I'm dreaming I'd like it be on a tropical island. With white sand. And beautiful, warm water.

We're going to miss these cousins! 

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  1. Cousins are the best. this would be a fun picture to retake when they're all in high school :)or leaving for missions.