Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Miss You.

Last night Catherine and Quentin came over for a quick little visit. 
They're leaving for Houston today, and we miss them like crazy. Already.

The truth is I'm used to doing the leaving... not being left- and it's hard! You get used to having someone around- and then they're gone. ...In this case, leaving me to patch up a hole the size of Texas. But we're excited too- and can't wait to hear all the adventures. I know there's going to be some good ones- Houston is humid and huge.  Which makes for real good roaches times. 

We waved goodbye with our feet and our hands, and then Squish and I had a cry because we're girls- and because we're going to miss them like crazy. We already do. 

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  1. I'm sorry. I hate that for you. I cry every time my family leaves, too. And not just because I'm a girl. Because it stinks!! Hip hip hooray for technology, though. I dunno how our foremothers did it..