Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're trying.

Yesterday was Monday. 
At 11:00 the pirates were playing nicely- I was on my third basket of clothes. In between baskets I called my mother. "Mother" I said, "I think I'm going crazy." (This line used to get her attention- but it no longer does.) "Mmmhmmm..." she said, and then waited.
"My waistband is too tight. I'm on my third basket of clothes. I need to purchase a saw but I don't know which one. There's giant concrete stubs where the deck used to be. We have no friends, and I need to run."
"Mmmmhmmm," she said... and I kept talking. But Squish started walking around biting everything. "Is she reacting to your tension?" my mom asked. But Squish was trying to bite Enriqueboy so we didn't take that thought any further. (It was a no-brainer, after all.)

I fed the pirates lunch, and put Squish down for a nap. I built a castle of blocks with the pirates, and changed into shorts with an elastic waistband. And while the pirates laughed hysterically about something in our playroom, I finished a workout. But I still felt crazy. 
I stacked the library books and cleaned up. I roasted chicken, garlic and olive oil and tossed it with peas and medium sized shells. I gave them a pirate-sized bowl of dinner with a glass of milk and a straw- and fifteen minutes later it was gone. Cleanup moved into wrestling which turned into hide-and-seek, and then evolved (as almost everything does) into a bike ride. But the park had two great puddles, and when the puddles turned into a muddy mess- we changed them in for a bike ride home. 
On the way home we passed a new neighbor- so the bike ride went on pause while we chatted about houses and moving. Minutes later Squish was finished, and Enriqueboy was anxious for clean clothes so we said goodbye and rode the last block.

Today is Tuesday. 
I have at least three more baskets of laundry to fold. I still need to research compounding saws and concrete stubs but my waistband genuinely appreciates the miles I ran this morning. 
We're still short on friends... ...but we're trying.


  1. Hey Lady! You still have me! Even though I do live in Orem. Call me anytime.

  2. pick a girl in the neighborhood that has kids who would like the park and that you would like to get to know. Invite her to the park... instant friend!

  3. Seems I have more and more of those days than I like. It's hard sometimes being the fun-thermometer, the peace-thermometer and the order-thermometer. And ps. I'm pretty sure you still have my number. I'll be your east coast friend :) :) skype a play date? :)

    1. See... this is the thing. THANK HEAVENS for good friends- I have my trusted few that live all over the country. :) My children on the other hand? That's where the guilt comes in. We're very limited... and until we find some local?- THANK HEAVENS for siblings and cousins.

  4. I have been in that exact spot in life a few times too. We're moving in a couple of weeks and my mom is already giving me pep talks on how to make friends. Hope it works out well for the both of us!

    And p.s. you are one cool girl, and people would be crazy to not to be friends with you!