Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today we met up with a cousin and her three adorables and walked all over the zoo. 
A new exhibit had just opened- with seals and sea lions, polar bears, grizzly bears, and fish. Erikboy's favorite part of the whole zoo was watching the sea lion startle his cousin- over and over and over... we had to move on before it got old. We love cousins.
His next favorite part was the tiger statue.

Robs, on the other hand, loved every minute. She walked the entire zoo with her map in hand- letting me know at regular intervals which exhibit we were going to next. I loved it. I love her. She loved the elephants. (And the carousel.)

Squish loved most everything too. Squish has a soft spot for animals- as long as they don't lick her. She loved the monkeys, the birds, the giraffes, the camels, and the tiny black footed cat that looked just like a kitten... 

...aaaand it was seventy-five blissful degrees.

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