Friday, June 29, 2012

Foto Friday: Week 43

The theme this week is Texture.

I planned on photographing lots of texture (because it's fun)... and I got about half of it done. But this morning I dropped a bunk bed beam (five times fast, please) on my head- and had to get five staples and a tetanus shot. (Staples! My curiosity got the better of me and I asked the Doc all kinds of questions.) After the excitement died down I made lunch, cleaned up and helped Robs off to the lunch-date that I'd completely spaced. (Blame it on the blunt trauma.) I put Squish down for a nap, made two beds and a birthday cake for Robs' birthday (tomorrow)...

...and then remembered Texture.

This one will have to do. 

Happy Foto Friday!



  1. Holy smokes girl! Scary! Good to know you're okay! Love the macro! So beautiful!

  2. oh sweetie pie!! did you have to drive yourself to the hospital? you're a super hero. STAPLES???? I'm still in shock.