Monday, June 11, 2012

Down to Only One.

It all started with a giant gust of wind.
Remember the gust that picked up the trampoline? It blew it against the fence and knocked down part of our lower deck. It was just a tiny part of our lower deck, but as I was figuring how to get the trampoline down, I noticed that where I was standing wasn't very windy...

Which got me thinking.

If that part of our yard wasn't covered in deck, we could cover it with grass. And the part I didn't want to cover in grass could be covered in garden. And I've been aching to cover something in garden. And since the deck was damaged anyway...

We took it out on Saturday. It was a lot of work- at least six times more than I thought it would be with six people. And the wind really picked up about halfway through, but we started with a deck and finished with a pile of wood- and now I'm brimming with ideas. Robs has already decided what plants she wants, as well as the plants for Squish and Enriqueboy. I haven't told her there's a still a lot of work that has to happen before we get to plants. So now instead of two decks, we have one- and three happy little summer months to fill with work.
I'm so happy with the results.


  1. I love yard work. Good job six helpers!

  2. Wow!! So this is what you were talking about! I'm glad it's finished, and am so excited for you and your little garden :) Can't wait to see you soon!!