Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is Robs' last real day of school. 
She has a teeny-tiny-bit-of-a-day after today- and then she's done! 

Summer at last!

It was a good school year. It turned out to be so very different from how it started- or how I'd planned on it going. Last night I was telling Steve how it feels like we had a life transplant. I look at pictures from our life in Louisiana... and it feels so far behind us- almost as if it were a former life.

We have big plans for the summer.  We're going swimming- of course. We're going to build a sandbox. We're going to see a musical up in the mountains. We're going to Zion's National Park. We're going camping... and at some point, hopefully- we'll take off for the beach. 

All in two and a half short little months.  

Robs will be attending a new school in the Fall. Yesterday morning she realized she had a brand new class coming: with brand new people. I watched her little face as she thought about it. She asked if Victoria or Olivia would be in her class next year, and when I said no she was a little disappointed- but moved on. She handles things so well. (Especially when she wants to.)

I'm so proud of that little pirate.

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