Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me versus The Garage.

I picked up Robs from school and on the way home Squish fell asleep. I parked our auto in the driveway, opened both sliding doors, told the pirates to exit quietly... 
and cleaned the entire garage.

While Squish was sleeping, I moved the two giant closets from one side to the other and nestled the shelving in between. I tucked all our left over building materials into the two inches behind everything and hung up the rakes, the shovels, and the broom. 
I suspended the bikes and the pirates and I parked the riding toys. only took three hours. 

The pirates loved it. They rode bikes, they dug in the dirt, they asked questions and I answered. They played in the grass, they rode more bikes and when Squish woke up all three rolled around on a carpet remnant we've had in the garage since February.

It brought back all sorts of memories of all the same kind of things. 
I loved it when my parents cleaned our garage
and I completely adore being a family. 


Enriqueboy likes to ask lots of questions. (LOTS OF QUESTIONS.) And he likes to ask "WHY?" Normally I enjoy it... but I don't always have the answers to his questions- or I can't always explain WHY I need him to put away his shoes. Occasionally when he peppers me with whys I respond with "because I love yous" and consider it complete.

Today on our run he asked why I do what I do- and I told him the truth, that sometimes I don't want to explain things- I just need him to do what I'm asking. He thought about it for a minute, and then asked me if I knew "Why he sometimes grinds his teeth together."

(Enriqueboy grinding his teeth is something we've been trying to solve.) I took the bait. 
"No, I don't know... Can you tell me?"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU," he said.

I told him he was the smartest three year old I know.

(I completely, completely adore being a family.)


  1. in the words of my 22 month old: "HAPPY-DO!"

  2. P.S. I am totally stealing your "Because I love you" reply. I need to have more nurturing and loving things to say when I'm nearing my wits end with the "whys" :) sank u.