Thursday, May 24, 2012

Robs' birthday is halfway through the summer- and she'll be starting a new school in the fall so we decided to throw an early birthday party with her school friends. But last week was busy- and this week has been too. I generously topped the invite list at three school friends and three other than school friends.
So she took three invites to school and quietly put them in three cubbies.
And then apparently all heckity-heck broke loose.
One of our sweet little invitees told all the other girls in the class about Robs' party-
and several of those girls cornered Robs and asked why they hadn't been invited. 

(Which I thought was perhaps a little bold.)
My oldest pirate told them the truth: that her mother didn't want that many girls in the house.
I was proud- seeing as I'm not sure I would have thought to say that.

And then I hopped on the train headed for a nervous breakdown.
I doubted my decision to top the party at six.
I had visions of Robs being bullied.
I went through sixteen different scenarios in twenty little seconds...

And then realized I was crazy. 
Because if I'd invited all 20,000 people then most likely I'd be trying to figure out what the heckity-heck I'd do with 20,000 people.

I told Robs I was proud of her for being honest.
And then we went outside to play.

Honesty and simplicity are such beautiful little inventions.


  1. It's been on my mind lately - how to raise drama-free girls. Not just drama free, but free from drama cravings. Honesty and Simplicity may be just the key.

    1. This very issue keeps me up late at night- and makes want to purchase a farm in the good ol' middle of nowhere. Safe from drama and dramamamas.