Monday, October 3, 2016

when Dav comes to town...

My brother Dave called me on Thursday night to tell me he was coming into town on Friday. And I didn't tell a soul. I wanted it to be a secret - because fun follows Dave wherever he goes. So when he shows up by surprise, it's "SURPRISE!" and "FUN!" all in one.

So when he came waltzing in the front door on Friday, no one suspected it. Robs was reading a book, Erik was outside, and Mems and Mae were in the family room. (When Mae heard his voice she came flying.) They love him. (We all love him.)

First things first - they had to inspect his rental car. Every button. Every buckle. Every seat. Every window. Every angle. Every wheel. Every everything. Everything is fun with Dave.

And then I called my mom and invited her over for dinner. (I did forget to mention Dave would be there too - minor detail, right?) We played games. Jumped. Found a praying mantis. Made dinner. And when my mom came, Dave hid in the ...pantry. The pirates did such a great job at keeping a secret! They invited her in and chatted away for twenty whole seconds while we waited for Dave to pop out. And when he did my mom yelled. It was a "DAAAAAAVID!" in this somewhat scared, somewhat surprised tone. We all died laughing. He has a history of surprising/scaring her and her reaction is almost always the same. Even down to the tone... 

...Come again soon! 

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