Wednesday, October 5, 2016

If you give a Mems a cape...

We were at Steve's parents' house, and it was a perfect evening for running around. Mems asked for a cape. But then Mae and Robyn wanted one too. So Mae and Robyn got capes, but then Erik wanted one too. But in searching for Erik's cape, we found all sorts of costumes! A witch dress, cute polka dots, and a chicken. (I think the chicken one was Steve's sister's at one time... which cracks me up! I love it!) Mems ran around the backyard like a tiny little thing, yelling "BOK! ...BOK! ...BOK!" We were dying laughing. 

And the girls didn't stop with these: there were robes, dresses, aprons, suspenders, silly socks... I love these fun kids and our fun grandma.


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