Tuesday, September 27, 2016

we'll never be bored.

When we bought this house at the tail end of 2011, it had a huge, red, two-layer, deck on the back.  It was a behemoth - extending from our back door to approximately one foot away from our fence. The top layer was fence-top height, and as much as I tried to convince myself I wasn't... I felt so on display. I'm sure it was just what someone wanted, at some point... but for me it was always awkward. Too hot during the day. Too public during the evening. Too big for everything else. I wanted grass. 

...And it took almost five years to get it. With lots of work. And lots of help.

My girls play fairies. And monkeys. And baby. Erik does back flips. They run, they jump, they roll. It's everything I wanted for the space when I first saw that deck...

It's little. It's so simple. But it's ours.


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