Friday, September 30, 2016

Fifth, Third and Kindergarten.

This past summer we found a cruiser bicycle for fifteen dollars - complete with a wide, soft, leather seat and a braided basket. Robs fell in love with it before we could even fully inflate the tires, and I think the bike was made for her. She rides it to school almost every day. (I love this girl.)

Erik has a soccer game at least once a week. We pass fields and old farm houses on our way, and every week at the same point in our drive, he tells me that when he's grown, he's going to have land with plenty of space to run. (I love this boy.)

Mae plays baby games with Reesie, dress up and stuffed animals with Mems, Playmobil and dolls with Robyn, and battles Erik with light sabers on the trampoline. She's happily in the middle of everything and everyone. (I love this girl.)


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