Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's hot outside.

We've been inside the past couple of days. It's due to a mixture of a couple different things, but mostly because it's hot outside. The high for yesterday was 102 degrees. (So! Hot!) And I know we can't really complain. Half of the United States gets that hot with humidity. But no one has really wanted to play outside. 

So the pirates have spent most of their days in one room of our house. They've been going back and forth between building creations with legos, or building houses and cities with Playmobil. 

And it's fun to watch them play. Together. With hardly any arguments, except for when Mems comes around. (This morning when she walked past Squish squealed and said "Moooom! Mems ruins everything!") I've been trying to help them understand it's because she's two. In fact, almost everything that makes them squeal these days is because Mems is two. 

I've told them two is glorious. (Because it really is...) 

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  1. This morning Charles drew patterns on the couch by scratching the leather... Two is amazing!