Tuesday, April 26, 2016

mini-pirates at two months (re-posted)

I'm doing a re-post... it's the first of it's kind. But since losing my archives, I've sung praise after praise that I kept this little blog. The pirates were scrolling through it last night for about ten minutes, looking at all the pictures, and we came across this post. I realized we needed Reesie in there... So this morning I set to finding a picture of her at two months - you'd never believe the monumental effort it was. But I did it. May I (re)present... my mini-pirates at two months:

(And Reesie is in her car seat... which I though was so fitting for a fifth baby.) 
But those eyes! Those cheeks! Oh, how I love these babies!! 


  1. I remember how chubby Erik was! And I thought no wonder she's so skinny if she's lugging that adorable chubby boy around all the time :) And Mae's face in this is priceless. All gorgeous babies!

  2. So beautiful! It's amazing to see how similar and yet how distinctly different each baby is.