Friday, April 22, 2016


On Monday Robs came busting through the door. I was right there at the time - and her big blue eyes were so happy. "I CAN DO THE MONKEY BARS AGAIN!"

She was excited. I was excited. (...which is why I love my job. Soooo many reasons to be happy! Hooray!)

Two years ago Robs was pro at the monkey bars. Zipping around like one of the playground's native species. But then one day she dropped, squarely landing on fear (in the form of a bruise and poky mulch.)  I tried getting her to make another attempt right away, but she said no. I suggested she try again. She said no. I told her to try again. She lit a fire behind her eyes. And said no. I ruled that she try again. But instead she dug her heels in (that poky mulch) with eyes ablaze... And. said. no.

So when she came busting through the door and told us she'd done it, and that she wanted to go back to the playground for family home evening so she could show me.... I don't know if wild horses could have kept me home. Oh. We went.

And it was so fun. I watched as she did the monkey bars. I watched Erik too. And I watched as Mae did the jungle-walk-pole things. And I watched Mems on the swing. And then we all flew as high as we could on the swings... and for just a moment everything felt normal. And happy.

The way we like it. 

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  1. You are such an amazing mother. Your kids are so blessed to belong to you and Steve.