Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Pond.

We went exploring today. (We were grumpy and tired of being inside.) The pond by Steve's parents' house freezes over entirely during the winter - and is a fun mini adventure. As long as it has been cold enough, the ice is several inches thick and completely safe. I've even seen people clear the snow from the ice to make a hockey rink. (One year we took the pirates there, and the ice started to crack as they walked on it. They weren't in any danger, as they were so close to the shore - but I'd never seen them scamper so fast! It made me laugh at the time.)

We'd bundled up extra thick. Boots. Hats. Coats. But for some reason we didn't bring gloves. And our hands were freezing! (Winters here are soooooo cold!) Steve found one mini glove in his coat pocket, and one great big glove, and gave them both to Mems. 

We skated and scooted around the pond for about an hour - and then raced back to the car as the sun was setting - much more content than when we left. I love outside.


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