Sunday, November 22, 2015

EVENINGS at our house.

Sometimes, I could swear the energy in our house skyrockets just minutes before bedtime! And it happens almost every night! (Except for those nights we get to bed at 10:00 or 11:00... and then they just crash. Ha! ...those nights are easy.) This night was no exception. We told them to get jammies on, and then chased them around for the next hour as they got ready. And then finally... after they were pj'd up and their teeth were brushed we read scriptures and had a prayer. 

And Mae was just so darn cute - I couldn't resist taking a picture. These kids make me laugh so hard. They're literally my world.

(Speaking of world? HOW IN THE WORLD?? I found Molly pajamas for Robyn at a store today! MOLLY PAJAMAS! I wanted those SO BAD as a kid! I almost couldn't believe I found them.)  

Family is happy. Life is happy. Babies are happy. Reesie is chubby. 


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