Friday, August 21, 2015

Fourth and Second Grades!

Robs was so excited the night before school, she couldn't sleep. We'd gone shopping after dinner right up until bedtime, and the prospect of everything in the morning kept her wide awake. The friends, the teacher, the new shoes, the dress, the new earrings... I scratched her back until she started dozing off. First days are so fun.  

(Erik, apparently, had been so excited he put himself to sleep at 8:00. When we got home, Steve told me he'd been looking for him and went upstairs to find him fast asleep in his bed!) 

The pirates woke up nice and early. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Each of them got a school blessing from Steve. Robs packed her pink and yellow bag, Erik decided between the three bags he had as options - but went with the blue one from last year. (It still had his keychains on it from May.)

And then they were off! Squísh and I trailed along to see them to their class lines, say one last goodbye, and take a couple pictures. Robs knows over half of her class already, and Erik's kindergarten best friend is in his class this year. So Squísh and I left them happily talking up a storm, and walked back to the car holding hands.

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  1. I love smooth first days with happy confident kids.