Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Yesterday I got the pirates to school before the final bell. I ran six miles. I blow dried my hair. I volunteered in Erik's class. I found my missing wallet. I remembered chicken nuggets, but forgot the laundry soap. I danced with Squísh and Em instead of doing dishes. I changed three stinky diapers. I mediated a ruckus over three naughty words. (Two were pretty bold, but the third was barely heard.) I started an enormous pile of dishes. I delivered a birthday gift. I smooched my pirates. I tucked a Lego house high above Em's head. I finished the enormous pile of dishes, mostly. I defrosted turkey. I served up six dinners, and I read my pirates the second chapter of our second book in two weeks. Squísh and Em were sound asleep within minutes, but the other two each chose a song. And then I smooched them again.


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