Friday, November 21, 2014

the whole world

Yesterday was gorgeous. For November. (Had it been August I would have been freezing.) So at 4:30, when I'd finished everything I needed to finish - Squísh, Em and I escaped to the great outdoors. (Steve had come home early, hooray! - so he took Robs to dance.) Squísh's favorite thing right now is to cruise the street: Em and I ride the 360 (as per her request) and Squísh rides her tricycle. At first we only ventured a couple houses down. And then we rode the hill. Now we're up to four houses down. (But yesterday there was a small dog poo on the sidewalk and every time we passed it, Squísh would carefully maneuver her vehicle in order to maintain a two foot radius.) It's terribly fun, although I'm sure it's hilarious to watch. (So far I've only gotten one comment from one neighbor.) 

But I'm okay with letting the neighbors talk, because Squísh thinks it's grand. We talk as we cruise (she says the funniest things) and occasionally we crash on purpose. I have Em sit on my legs and she holds onto the handle bars, and both girls laugh so hard when we 'bonk!' Yesterday evening, the bigger kids were playing "hungry games" and Em cracked me up when she smiled and waved at one of the boys who was trying hard not to be seen. 

Right now, I live for things like this. I don't have a money bin. I have not taken any incredible vacations. I have yet to travel the world. And certain blogs give me complexes. Sometimes Pinterest does too.

BUT I have a lot of fun, and I have at least five people who mean absolutely the world to me. 

And I give them my best.


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