Monday, November 17, 2014


My pirates (lucky ducks) have several uncles. And they get to take rides in their cool cars, play games of chess on Sunday afternoons, and throw footballs around with them when it's warm outside... among other things. And when we talk about our uncles, my pirates use words like awesome, or favorite, or hilarious, or crazy, but most of the time crazy is said with a silly little smile that means they're anything but. Yesterday one of these awesome uncles had a birthday and we celebrated with cheesecake. Robs designed, created, wrapped, and gifted him a diorama. All by herself. (One of the characters had googly eyes. It was adorable.) Later in the evening, I recruited another awesome uncle to help move a piece of furniture. He wasn't a huge fan of the idea, at first. He said the furniture was a chifferobe, and that we should probably burn it. (In his dreams! It used to be a china cabinet, but chifferobe is fun to say.) So he stole the boots I'd been wearing, (let me take a picture) and then helped Steve and Erik, move the not-so-chifferobe from my mom's front room to mine. ...It was freezing cold and dark outside. And Erik was so excited to be one of the guys. (I'm grateful for awesome uncles.)


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