Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Squísh has an affinity for horses. (Robs does too. Em loves to look.) Squísh has a couple toy horses that she carries around with her, and takes any chance she gets to feed the real ones grass or stop and watch their every move. (We run by two pastures almost daily. We've made good friends with a gentle spotted grey one.) It shouldn't surprise me though. Squísh's first genuine word was "horse." We were standing in the kitchen. I was holding her sweet little self because she was tiiiiny, and we were watching the horses that live on the other side of our park. They were prancing around, because it was a cold day. She pointed out the window and said "horse" (only it sounded more like "hoss.") And wham-bam... that was the only real word she used for a several months.

Sunday night, after dinner, we went walking around our park. The horses were very close to the fence, so we fed them grass and carrots. Squísh was over the moon. (She, Robs, and Em loved the Clydesdale-looking beauty the best.) Erik threw a football. And the sunset was amazing. Amen.


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