Thursday, November 6, 2014


Erik started basketball this fall - and he loves it! At his age, they don't keep track of the score... or double dribbles or carries, really. Or strict out of bounds. Which works, because most of the six year olds are still working on dribbling the ball. (Although there are some six year olds that have a lot more experience and seem to work that system in their favor...) A couple games ago, Erik tried to keep track of the points. It distracted him to the point where he he'd run to the sidelines to make sure I'd updated the score. (It was kind of adorable!) But we talked about it afterwards, and he decided it'd be better to play his best and enjoy the game. The very next game, his team (which has two of his best buds) was matched up against another team that had three or four of his best buds. Every time his team scored, he cheered. And every time one of his best buds on the opposing team scored, he cheered! I love that kid! 


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