Friday, October 24, 2014

our diapered bundle o' fun

Em has found her legs. Yesterday as the pirates were doing homework, she snuck up the stairs. I didn't even realize she'd made it to the landing until she let out her victory screech. She saves her victory screech for only the accomplishments of which she is most proud - it's adorable. 

She was pretty proud of herself again, yesterday afternoon, as she unconventionally cruised the canyon in the cozy coupe. I tried everything I could to get her to sit, but she stood for almost all of it. When she wasn't standing - she was sitting perpendicular to the steering wheel. Or facing backwards. Or balanced precariously, with her diapered end on one side, and her head hanging out the other... screeching into the wind every now and then.

It's always been there, but we're really starting to see her personality now and I love it.


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