Monday, October 20, 2014

Last Day of Fall Break.

My nephew took this photo. (I take no credit at all.) We were standing on top of a mountain with lots of other people and when he finished I asked nicely if he'd email it to me. (He did - right there. I sometimes love technology.) I have taken exactly one decent panorama in my life - but I've made at least twenty seven attempts.

Fall Break started last Thursday. We thought about going to California or Yellowstone or Idaho. But instead we decided to play tourist in our home state. Steve took off work and we explored. It was so. much. fun. We went places I'd heard of but never really given much thought. We did activities we'd never done before - and on Saturday as I was riding a tram to the top of a mountain only thirty minutes from our house... I pinched myself. (Theoretically speaking.) It was gorgeous.

Later in the day, after almost a full day of playing, seeing and exploring - Robs confided in me.

"Mom," she said "this isn't really how I planned on spending Fall Break." I tried not to laugh.

But I did.

And then I asked how she'd planned on spending it. "Well," she said, "I wanted to roller blade. And I wanted to jump on the trampoline. And I wanted to write." (She's working on a book.)

So that's what we're doing today.
Robs' kind of finish for Fall Break!


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