Monday, October 6, 2014

it's simple.

I've heard Mama Bears are quite protective. Mama Moose too. And Mama Alligators. 

(We live in a happy, safe, lovely little area.) But across the park from us, we have a neighbor that irritates me. (I don't say that lightly... 'cause it takes a whole bunch to reach that status.) But they do. I mostly forgave them when they almost ran over my one and only son - and then yelled at me because "I should have known they don't watch when they back out." I've only stared down their shady friends as they do shady things across the park. And I've resisted the urge (over and over) to throw something at their car as they speed past and flick cigarette droppings. The most I've done so far is put one of those neon green CHILDREN AT PLAY signs in the middle of our quiet cul-de-sac street. 

But yesterday, as almost every child on our entire street was outside playing, three grown adults hopped into a parked car and sat there. And I watched - but I didn't like what I saw. 

I've seen it several happen several times - but never that close, and never in the happy-neighborhood-filled-with-children-daylight. Their boldness annoyed me. Mama Bears. Mama Moose. Mama Alligators. They have claws, antlers and teeth. 

I have my choices. And I have courage. 

The conversation I had with the police was a good start.

Good is good. Bad is not good. I'm done watching bad be acceptable. And God is truth. False is not true. I'm finished letting truth be twisted. I have four pirates. I'm raising them to know good and respect truth. This is a good neighborhood and I am standing my ground.