Thursday, October 30, 2014

beware the teeeeeeenagers

I took a picture kind of like this last year. - only I was the one wearing purple and I had a giant belly. I think my Em might have been born the next day. And then I blinked... and now we're at today where Squísh got to wear her costume to dance class. She was going to wear her Elsa dress - but it was dirty and has a hole that needs mending. So she donned her purple dress with a pair of purple wings and called it perfect. (I was so relieved!) She loves Halloween - the candy, the costumes, the pumpkins. She chose this white pumpkin specifically and named him Bob the Evil Marshmallow. She checks on him almost every morning to make sure the "teenagers" haven't smashed him. A couple years ago, some teenagers smashed their pumpkins to bits whilst we were at church. It wasn't a big deal (they were within a day of being thrown away) but pirates don't tend to forget those kind of events - and Robs' rendition of the story makes me think my pirates' pirates might even hear the tale.

...two eye blinks from now.


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