Friday, October 10, 2014


Jenn and Chris came over this afternoon to announce they're having a.... baby, baby, baby, baby BOY! (Babies are so amazing - pregnancy is for the birds.) Jenn said she knew it all along (I'm not suprised) and Erik was completely thrilled. As we were discussing names and oogling the ultrasound pictures - Emmylouwho climbed up the stairs. She just started doing it this past week, but it's already become a game. Squísh breezes past while screeching unintelligible words - and they both laugh hysterically. (Babies are so amazing.)

Afterwards, we went to Steve's sister's house to spend the evening with cousins visiting from Arizona. My pirates were tired, so at first they were hesitant - but when ten o' clock rolled around I could hardly convince them it was time to go home. I never really knew many of my cousins, aunts or uncles as a child. So I count my lucky stars (over and over) that my pirates do.  


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