Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"...clear. crystal clear."

Yesterday afternoon I was putting Em down for a nap. Erikboy and Squísh were eating yogurt at the table. I could hear Squísh goofing around. (She adores Erik, and will do almost anything to get a laugh out of him.) Apparently she was twirling (I heard about it after the fact.) but her twirling got a little too intense - she fell against the cupboards and landed on the floor.

I could tell she was hurt from her cry. I braced myself for the inevitable wail, and crossed my fingers Em would sleep through it...

...But before it could happen, I heard Erikboy ask if she was okay. I heard him ask as sweet as he could (in that deep voice of his) about her bump, and then I heard him pull a tried and true trick that almost always guarantees a laugh. And it worked.

At first, I admit, I couldn't believe my good fortune. (Em was grumpy - both she and I needed her nap). But almost simultaneously I felt such a grand sense of pride for these pirates... I could have smooched both sets of those lovely cheeks. This whole mothering gig can seem impossible. And definitely underestimated. But moments like this come along - and everything becomes clear. I do what I do - so that he will do what he did.

Because even though there are careers, and boats, and vacations, and cars, and travels, and delicious foods, and all sorts of amazing experiences to have: I believe we came here to help.

And most of the time it's somewhere off the map. (For example: my kitchen.) And almost always it will be when no one is watching. And more than likely, we'll get exactly zero percent recognition for our efforts. But WHAM-BAM... we'll be better for it.

When I came downstairs Erik had just finished serving them both another bowl of yogurt.

I am raising awesome humans.


  1. Your vision is right on. How do you manage to make me cry with every post?? ;)

    1. You're a doll. And I love you and yours truly, madly, and deeply. But maybe you shouldn't cut onions when you're reading this little blog... :)

  2. Christine you are! This is the essence of why I want to be a mom so bad. I've heard it is a thankless task, and the negative particulars (dirty diapers, no sleep, baby talk all day, monotony, cleaning toilets, sickness) are not exactly what I look forward to. But the people that you are raising are spectacular. I get paid to bring products to market. They take about 2 years or so to develop (so I'm told.) But you are bringing up 4 lovely children. They will take a lifetime to develop and alongside God you and Steve get to contribute to what makes them who they are. My products will clutter landfills. Yours will last forever. I prefer your design job. I hope and pray I get it one day.

    1. You have always been and will always be a blond-headed angel. All those hopes and dreams are coming for you - this I know. :)