Tuesday, September 16, 2014

two worlds colliding

Yesterday afternoon I took the pirates to the BYU Museum of Art. From now until December there's an exhibit of forty costumes - one of which is Jack Sparrow's from Pirates of the Caribbean. Three of my four really weren't all that interested until, I showed them clips from the movie and suggested they look for the hat. (Even then, it still took some coaxing.) But somewhere within the first two minutes, Erik saw a sword, Squísh saw a dress made of pink perfection - and everything was right in the world. 

Afterwards we walked across campus to the Eyring Science Center, where the exhibits were more hands-on. It was a bit crazy to bring a herd of pirates into a place I only associate with being much younger and more childless. But they pirates loved it, and Erik cracked me up with his faces in the funhouse mirror. (They kept trying to reach into the mirror - and kept hitting their faces or hands on the glass which may or may not have cracked me up as well...) 

On the way back to our auto, Erik discovered that the grass patches in front of the library are perfect for cartwheels. If only I'd known...

(Campus is more fun with pirates.)

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