Monday, September 29, 2014

monkey baby

Does it seem time goes impossibly fast? It used to be Friday - and now it's Monday. And Robs used to be twenty weeks - but now she's swinging on swings and looking all sorts of grown up. And now I'm sitting here wishing I had a way to pause... but it's not going to happen! (So I document.) Yesterday evening we were watching Em crawl around the room. My mom reminded me of when I used to play monkey baby with Squísh.  Monkey baby was our preferred method of moving across a room. Squísh would wrap her two arms around me - I'd hold her with one of mine, and we'd crawl across the room... think mother gorilla. (It was terribly fun.) But before that, it was Erik's beefy arms wrapped around my neck - holding on as tight as he could whilst we chased Robs. And before that it was Robs and the little seat I'd make in my lap of my pajama pants. (We used to bounce our way to the kitchen for breakfast.) It was a six foot hallway.

This past weekend was a good one. On Saturday afternoon I went to a workshop on videography. Six hours later I came home with a folder full of tricks for taking better footage and a head full of big ideas on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. 

The past couple of weeks have not been breezy. Or easy. And there's been more than once that I've seen birds - and wanted to be them. (Logical? Absolutely not. But they fly so free!) Or deer. (Once again, not logical. But they eat greens. All day!) Life - in all of it's God-given greatness and glory... has been terribly overwhelming. 

But on Saturday... something clicked. I figured out how to zoom in on the shot and focus it before taking the footage. (Simple, right? But think of the analogy... it translates well.) And more importantly, I realized confidence is just as necessary (if not more) as knowing how to operate your DSLR like a boss. 

It was almost like a light turned on, but not quite. Perhaps it was more like I realized what light switch needs to be flipped. And even though I can see the light switch, I'm still all the way across the room...

But I have fun moving across rooms.