Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Monday!

We had such a fun-filled, absolutely fabulous, perfect-weather weekend. It flew past at light speed... which makes me nervous, because I know those cold days are coming!  But it was so fun.  Last night Squísh went to bed utterly exhausted. As in... over tired and spittin' mad. Although the three older pirates share a room - I had my older two fall asleep in another room so I could have some one on one time with only my fiery Squísh. It took about twenty minutes of letting her be upset, lots of calm words and several back scratches to find the source of the tantrum, but afterwards she fell asleep (mostly) happy. (And wholly tired.) 

Three years old gives me a run for my money. Each and every single time, so far. But at the same exact time - I love it. Because it seems with a three year old I find myself in situations I would never choose to find (in between a screaming toddler and a crying baby, for example) and I'm forced to come up with solutions that are difficult - or require extreme patience. And sometimes I fail and lose my temper. But more often I learn all about extreme patience and when things calm down I realize how I'm growing and changing too- right alongside these darling (sometimes challenging) children.

The Lord knows what He's doing.
And thank goodness He put us in families.
And thank goodness for three year olds.  

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  1. Oh, three year olds are just so hard and delightful at the same time. Wesley gives me many opportunities for growth :) I'm often chanting inside my head "ACT don't REACT" I love these pictures of your girls. So adorable!