Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Our Squíshylou loves birthdays. She loves them. Love. love. LOVE! This morning I found her little blonde face next to mine on my pillow before the sun was even up. She'd been watching me. I cracked my eyes open and patted her back - it must have been what she'd been waiting for, because... "MOMMMM! TODAY IS DAD'S BIRTHDAY!"

He was already up, of course, so after I rolled over and drifted back to sleep - Squíshylou pit-patted her way downstairs (turning on all the lights as she went) to be the very first happy birthday wisher.

And then she wished it to him again at breakfast.
And again when he got home from taking the pirates to school.
And again after our run.
And approximately seventeen other times throughout the day.

She loves birthdays, but I think mostly she loves him. We all do.

Happy Birthday Steve!


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