Thursday, July 10, 2014

rainy days and thursdays

My pirates fell asleep to the sound of rain. Falling asleep to rain is dreamy... Although realistically, I think one of them might have fallen asleep to the story I told about a boy whose box turned into a space ship. And then another one of them might have fallen asleep to one of the three songs I sang at bedtime. (One was about dreamcatchers, another one was about barges, and the third one was about the temple.)

The rain started right after we came inside for dinner. (Dinner was a wee bit on the gross side.) We ate cheap fast food, as per the pirates' requests. My sinuses have been revolting this week, and they're backed up to kingdom come, so I agreed. (After dinner I swore it off forever and ever. Amen.) 

After dinner it was still raining. And my sinuses were killing me. And I was freezing cold. But the pirates had friends playing outside. And rain makes me think of home and a whole collection of fond memories - so I put on a sweatshirt and Em and I sat in the garage. The pirates ran under the rain drops in umbrellas or buckets or nothing at all, and it was classic. The End.


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