Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 + 3 = 8

For her birthday, Robs decided to invite a couple friends to a trampoline park rather than have a "birthday party." It was her idea from the start, and she was so excited! She designed and delivered the invitations, and when her birthday finally came she had a countdown going until the time her friends came to our house. 

All four of them had big plans for the afternoon - so imagine our surprise when we saw four "FIRE and FLOOD RESTORATION" vans parked outside the building... What are the odds, right? I walked in to make sure it actually was closed before making other plans. (It very much was. I had to step over several puddles and some sopping mats on the floor to get to the front desk.) But I couldn't have been more proud of them when I gave them the news - especially my little Robs. No one got upset - instead we got lunch and took it to the school park (their request!) where they played fairies and opened up gifts. It wasn't what we planned.... but Robs rolled with it. 

She's good at doing that, and she's going to be good at being eight too. She's bright. She's feisty. She's imaginative. She's caring. She has sunkissed, freckled cheeks that I adore. And I am so grateful she's ours!

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